View Full Version : Anyone else been noticing odd lag spikes on Deadclan?

Swiss Mercenary
9th March 2006, 23:17
Think that's happened to me the past few times I played - game would freeze for ~15 seconds on map resets, and very unusal - for TDC servers - lag spikes were plentiful. I think I've noticed it around 3 days ago. My machine is fine, I don't run torrents, wasn't downloading anything, but I don't think anyone else on the server experienced the freezes (Not sure about the lagspikes.)

Is that something wrong with the server, or just the path between me and it?

9th March 2006, 23:29
miasmic told me that some main server is down on the west coast. therefore causing all clients and servers based in that area to get spikes. tis only temporary, my friend.

10th March 2006, 06:21
I'd have actually expected that any network issue responsible for various people's large pings (based on location) yesterday would have been resolved by now.

I'll check with Scott and see if the people affected yesterday are still affected. I'm only 10 hops from the DEADCLAN servers, so I can't actually tell from where I'm at.

Edit: Hopped on, talked to Swiss Mercenary, it looks like he's not seeing the issue any longer, and it was indeed whatever the network issue on the west coast was yesterday/last night.

14th March 2006, 16:39
Swiss doesnt live on the west coast though (ay) :p ?

14th March 2006, 16:42
Swiss doesnt live on the west coast though (ay) :p ?

It doesn't have to be 'live on the west coast'. If there's a network problem on the west coast in some carrier's network, and he normally gets routed through that carrier's west coast network, that carrier having a problem will mean he has a problem.

It could also be that he was routed normally and traffic routing around the problem upped the bandwidth usage on his normal routing path.