View Full Version : Deadclan's - Change that "STOP SPAMMING THE SERVER!" please

8th March 2006, 19:08
Wow, that's the most annoying admin function I've ever seen, but I do see how it can be useful against spammers. It is just that it's set way too low. I don't know what the limit is now, but it needs to be like quadrupled or something. I get that message all the time when I type and it's extremely annoying.

8th March 2006, 19:51
As far as changing that, deadscott would be the guy to decide, it's not in my purview.

But I've gotten that as well, I basically just type more of what I want to type on one line.

8th March 2006, 19:56
I get it ALLL THE DAMN TIME and its annoying, plus i have to wait atleast 10 seconds before even trying to type again or i have to wait longer.

Sir Wankus Magpie
8th March 2006, 20:08
truly there is no reason for it because its not reducing lag in any way and its not like there is 32 people in the server talking at once...I say off with its head

8th March 2006, 21:26
kinda annoying when you wana screw with people too =(

8th March 2006, 23:18
I get that message so much on so many servers that I've actually changed my name to reflect it. I'm quite the chatbot. =o

Pan the Goat God
8th March 2006, 23:19
There is a reason for it, its so that this doesnt happen:

Loaf Pigged Pan

Pan: dajdwajerlkjw
Pan: ewqejvowjebl
Pan: revkwlqjlqjv
Pan: velkjwqoijoei
Pan: qjve l;qkjeqwoie
Pan: kebjqwoeijqoiv
Pan: evkvjhovqk
Pan: evklqekovqejowei
Pan: ****ing loaf! Every ****ing time! kl;wrqjvrqjkl
Pan: rkl vqwjeoiqwej

However, the time could be upped..a little bit.

9th March 2006, 02:03
Its set for 1 message every 1 1/2 seconds. With alltalk on whats the need to flood the screen with chat? This has nothing to do with lag. It's about the never ending stream of chat messages flooding the players screen.

This will be Miasmic's call. As I don't play HS enough to know if it needs to be adjusted or not.

I have changed the text though, instead of "Stop Spamming The Server" it will now say "Shut The Fock up!".

9th March 2006, 02:12
I don't think one message per 1.5 seconds is an unreasonable limit.

If you want to say more, just type more in one line.

9th March 2006, 02:15
I don't think one message per 1.5 seconds is an unreasonable limit.

If you want to say more, just type more in one line.



9th March 2006, 03:04
well, sometimes i make remarks, and quickly back it up with a XD, and i can type quickly, so i get that "STOP SPAMMING" crap. I'd just lower the time to .5, that would help

9th March 2006, 22:34
The average typist is going to only get 2 or 3 characters out in 0.5 seconds. Seventy words per minute is the high end of what is considered the average typist - that's roughly 5.8 characters a second, given that the words are defined to be five characters, meaning that with a 1.5 second per message limit the average typist will never hit the limit if the message length is eight or nine characters or so.

The point is to keep the chat clutter down on people's screens. Tons of two and three character messages sounds a lot like clutter to me - one message per half second per person seems too low a limit to achieve the uncluttering objective.

Just remember to put the XD on the same line :). I'm faster than the average typist, and the only time I've ever hit the limit is when sending in smileys that I could've put on the same line.