View Full Version : Hidden Not Showing Up on Steam Once Installed

6th March 2006, 21:49
I installed hidden to C:/Programfiles/valve/steam but it wont show up on steam, ive treid restarting steam many times and it still doesnt show up, the games i have on steam are:
Counter Strike Source
Day ofDefeat Source
Halflife 2 Deathmatch
Halflife 2 : Lost Coast

Could ne one help me, i really wanna ply this game but dont know how since it wont show up in steam. ive also tried with the server filter but nothing comes up in that too.My mate can play it and he has all the same games as me, he doesnt have half life 2 so i dont know how he plays it.

6th March 2006, 21:55
I noticed Half-Life 2 wasn't in your list - if that actually is the full list of games you have you might want to try the following:


21st March 2006, 02:56
Check and see if C:\Program files\Steam is your real steam folder, for some reason it could be in either there or C:\Program files\valve\steam.

p.s. Windows uses backslashes. (Because MS is evil) :D