View Full Version : General Steam problem -- No Server Favorites or History

6th March 2006, 15:45
This isn't Hidden specific, but I was just wondering if anyone knew the problem anyway. In steam itself, it will show the favorite servers, but in a game, such as Hidden or CS:S, it does not show my history (even after I just join a server) or favorites (even immediately after I click a server and ADD TO FAVORITES). I've already completely removed steam and reinstalled it.

Anyone have a clue? Hopefully this will resolve itself when I reformat next week if I don't figure this out..

6th March 2006, 16:43
I know the friends list is fubar'd by steam, perhaps tehhistory ist is too. It's not just you. ;)

6th March 2006, 16:58
Favourites and history have worked for me in the past, but it's a bit of the toss of a coin as to whether or not it'll keep them.

It seems that using the out of game browser is more reliable for that than the ingame one.

6th March 2006, 21:30
Yeah its happened to everyone Steam getting a bit messy eh...