View Full Version : leper and a debate about what should be a 'Bannable offence'

3rd March 2006, 15:24
I'm not into having people victimised in this forum because of suspicions and rumours, but I know for a fact most people have met this guy and will understand.

First off, I'd just like to post an SS of "a Leprechaun" doing the usual. It only occurred to me on this, my millionth encounter of him being a nob, that other players might not actually find it as funny as I used to and wouldn't be as amused by it. I was speccing and noticed him pounce right infront of the camera and stay there for about 40 seconds clinging. Its that unlimited cling thing on a spring eh ging?

Before today I've seen him verbally abuse pretty much everyone hes encountered and doublenade/a bit of teamwounding here and there, just generally be a bit of a dick.


Just thought I'd put this up because for about 2 or 3 months off and on I've seen this guy act in the ways outlined above and I just thought some admins may react in the same way I did on smokeys if they saw what he was up to on their servers.

He got banned from smokeys for ruining the fun for other players, using bugs and being an all around tosser. But evidently not everyone is like me and thats the second part of the post. Me and chas0r had a difference of oppinion on whether or not this guy deserved a banning.

Arguments like,

players shouldn't be bollocked for abusing game mechanics, devs should be blamed for allowing the bugs through in the first place

my response: Yes they should, at the end of the day, you know its not there to be used and all it will do is give you an unfair advantage over other players. Anyone with half a modicum of skill can be godlike with the hidden, its not hard, so people vying for advantages with him are braindead imho.


exploiting bugs isn't the same as hacking

my response: I dare say it isn't technically the same, but it gets the same job done. It gives you an unfair advantage over people who don't know the bugs, and even if they do, the bugs are normally fixed because the advantage they do give are completely overpowered or just out and out lame, like the double piping.

Anyone else got anything to add?

3rd March 2006, 15:55
Well, you allready pointed out my opinion, edit°..
For sure bug exploiting sucks, but bug-abusing players cant be put together with real "hackers" who try to get advantages at any cost.
If players find a weak point of a game, they use it and by doing so, they also adress at you devs, saying "look what i can do, IF you won't fix this"
Leprachaun surely didn't google "hidden source hacks" in order to become superior to other players, even if i remember him as quite good..

My point is, bugs need to be fixed anyway - and I also expect you guys to do so. Banning would be exaggerated: In the next version these players, who would play totally fair and usual (at least i hope so) couldn't join anywhere - that's the way, hackers and cheaters can be treated, whose intention is to play unfair.

I always wondered, how many players who noticed that a black hidden is considered cheating, instantly stopped playing. To be honest I couldn't even tell for myself.
The thing is, just to NOTICE a way of getting advantages differs from searching for them.

Banning all "black-hidden-players" can't be the right way. There has to be another way to make sure that they can't keep playing. (e.g. in this case i suggested to put the same shader the hidden has, directly in front of any players face to blind them if their card is too old)

I'm not a bug exploiter, but I dont agree with banning these guys either.

3rd March 2006, 16:19
If a guy is in there being abusive and using these bugs, and ruining the game for other people, then it's actionable - but that's more through the abuse side.

I'll keep an eye out for this guy, if I see him being abusive (and/or someone gives me a demo or chat log showing him to be abusive) it'll get taken care of.

3rd March 2006, 16:38
I'd say if the server that you have rcon on has rules posted about double grenades or hanging on walls too long then he could be banned whether or not it's a bug, hack or otherwise. Some people think scripting anything other than name is a cheat, some people think dbbl grenades are fine, some people think bunnyhopping is fine, some think it's a speed cheat. *shrug*

For example, I also see somebody in your SS that called things "gay," which you know I'm against, but if the server I had rcon allowed that kind of juvenile talk then I wouldn't ban for it.

The admin of any server has the right to run it as strict or as loose as they see fit and those with rcon are responsible for enforcing those rules, even if they disagree. As long as the rules are posted that is. What do the rules there say again?

3rd March 2006, 16:52
If you don't like how somebody plays, just leave the server. If an admin doesn't like him playing on his server he can ban him, thats his right. You can always just give a call to the admin and tell him that the player is being a dick so he might get banned for stupid behavior.

3rd March 2006, 16:57
If you don't like how somebody plays, just leave the server. If an admin doesn't like him playing on his server he can ban him, thats his right. You can always just give a call to the admin and tell him that the player is being a dick so he might get banned for stupid behavior.
That's exactly what I did on pissedoffmonkey last night. Some tard was camping so I finally just left him, alone, on the server to play with himself, so to speak. ;)