View Full Version : Reporting of cheaters / abusive players / whatever else

27th February 2006, 01:39
There's been a recent influx of accusations without backup - this is not acceptable. If you suspect someone is cheating and can prove it pretty much beyond doubt, than record them using the "record demo" console command followed by "status" to record all the current players and their steamids.

Do your best to find the admin of the server and give them the evidence before you post here - it is up to them how they deal with the player in question. If you cannot find the admin yourself, than post here saying on which server you had a problem, what time and date (so admins can check logs) and the nature of the problem. If an admin doesn't get back to you - you can if you want post the demo.

However, I don't want to see any further discussion unless it's an admin asking for more information. If you have multiple issues from one server, put them all in one post - make the name of the server clear in the subject.

For example :

<Steam ID> | <Name> | <Reason>

At 2:30pm GMT I encountered a highly abusive player, I have recorded a number of demos over several different levels to show the sort of abuse. Here are the demos: http://www.filefront.com http://www.google.com/search?q=free+file+hosting etc

Posting clearly and concisely will assist admins to prevent these players from continuing to disrupt the community that much faster