View Full Version : How to train as the Hidden on any map

20th August 2016, 09:45
Eveything is said in the title, I was wondering if you could just start a server and play as the Hidden without having to be 2 players on the server.

I want to know if it's possible to explore maps as the Hidden without having to care about possible Marines shooting me.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

23rd August 2016, 17:51
Back in the day I think we just started a game, enabled cheats and added two bots so the game would start. Can't remember all the console commands but I'm sure a google search will turn up the answer. sv_cheats 1 and bot_add come to mind but I maybe wrong.

23rd August 2016, 22:26
There is also a command to restart the round. I used it to cycle to Hidden/IRIS when testing maps, can't remember the commands though, and that bind was on my old computer. If you search through all the console commands you should find it eventually.