View Full Version : Can't join only Australian Server

5th January 2016, 12:02
Hi guys,

I can't connect to the only server that has a good ping for me. At first, I couldn't join because it said "YOUR VERSION DOES NOT MATCH THE SERVERS. PLEASE RESTART THE GAME". However, I could see on the view server info screen that others were playing on the server. So I added one as a steam friend and he told me to use "connect <IP:PORT>" in console. It worked but now a new problem has occurred. With the console method I can connect but the loading screen stays stuck on "parsing server info". It seems to be unable to get past this part. After closing the loading screen console shows this message repeating "Received fragment out of order: 35/2". The second number changes sometimes to 3 or 5. I have one other friend who I asked to connect to the server and he has the exact same problem.

Server info

Name: The Procatstination Zone: Hidden Server.

Things I have tried:

Using Google to find an answer. I can't find even 1 example of the same problem anywhere.
Many small fixes for similar problems I can find.
Reinstalling The Hidden fresh from http://www.hidden-source.com/ (ModDB link)
Changing "rate" console setting

And many other things. Screenshots here

Please help.