View Full Version : Resolution Problems Caused Game Crash!

17th August 2015, 16:01
So, I tried changing my resolution around when I started up the game and started up the tutorials and ended up crashing my game. I tried multiple times to launch the game again, but there has been no such luck. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It looks like it wants to work, but then stops running and I get a notification that tells me that I don't have the optimal resolution on. It was my first time running the game and I haven't had this problem with other games in the past. I run on Windows 10, if that means anything. If anyone has any suggestions then please help!

27th August 2015, 23:15
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and am having this issue as well. Instead of being able to get into the game and access the menu, I would launch the game and it would immediately hang there for a second or two (still on desktop), then it would crash. No logs, no error messages, nothin. Same goes for launching Source SDK Base 2006 and 2007.

28th August 2015, 17:01
I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM. Just copy the Hl2.exe from Half Life 2 folder in steamapps\common\Half-life 2, and paste it in steamapps\common\Source SDK Base!!! (At least for 2006)

I guess the exe was corrupted or something. Switching out the exe kept the same files in both folders and allowed the bases to run off of the same framework.

14th September 2015, 10:12
well if you screw up your executable again just put -autoconfig in the launch options, run the game once, then remove the launch option.

this is a source issue, not a hidden one :)