View Full Version : "Not Responding" Leads to "Bad Challenge."

27th February 2015, 22:44
Hey, guys, I don't know how likely it is to get a response (anymore, unfortunately) but I had a quick question if someone may either know the answer, or be up for a challenge.

I started hosting a server a couple of days ago, and it worked perfectly fine. I decided to install CS:S through SteamCMD to see if it would fix any of the materials, and I accidentally installed it in the wrong directory, leading me to delete those files and also delete some core SDK/Hidden Files, so I re-installed it. After my fourth install because of how bad of an admin I am, I have the game up and running, Server.CFG appears to execute properly, and my server is up and running according to the Valve API (Let me know if you would like it for reference, I don't want to post it currently due to Advertising). When my server populates in the list, it will appear for about 2 seconds, and than immediately look like this following a Quick Refresh (Refresh All causes it to disappear).

...and when you try to load the server, anyways...

..and then once you click "Close", and load the server once again, it works perfectly fine with the exception that the ping hits 2000.

Has anyone ever seen this before? I wouldn't be making the thread if I had, so please let me know if you have any input. I'm exceptionally confused, and the only thing I can think of is that maybe the ISP doesn't want me running the server since I already have a Web Server and they don't like the extra connections.

Thanks for any input!

28th February 2015, 22:51
Anything in the log files?

Also: try sv_enableoldqueries 1 in server.cfg.