View Full Version : Hidden Source beta 4b. Window no border mode through steam?

1st September 2014, 02:59
I want to run the game in a fullscreen windowed mode. However the usual commands for that via steam aren't working and the borders still show up? Is the game just not able to be played in a windowed borderless mode? has anyone fixed this or is there a way to do it? I want to record with a webcam but I can't because it needs to be in a windowed mode. Help would be great.
what I've tried through steam properties and launch defaults.
-sw -noborder
-windowed -noborder
-window -noborder
none of those commands worked to launch the Hidden: Source Beta 4b in a fullscreen window. Please help!

1st September 2014, 11:31
ShiftWindow works

3rd September 2014, 01:39

3rd September 2014, 14:22
does it handle the phantom shifted ui elements? as in you need to click above the button...

3rd September 2014, 15:55
for me everything works fine as in the ui elements aren't shifted and i can click directly on them