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2nd August 2014, 05:58
I was wondering if anyone, developer or community member, has made and successfully imported any models since the steam pipe update? I play FF which I think is the only other source mod on the 2006 sdk base. I've been trying to compile a model, but studiomdl is constantly giving me an error of "can't find steam user app info". I've tried using guistudiomdl as well as through the wormwall plugin for 3ds max only to get the same error.

Has anyone here experienced similar issues? Any work arounds? 2006 sdk base dead in the water?

I would greatly appreciate any insight, thank you.

10th August 2014, 05:10
In case anyone is having problems with creating models for a post-steampipe 2006 sdk, or if google spiders pick this up.

The reason is that some of the tools now packaged with 2006 sdk are just straight up broken, here's what I posted on another forum to get around this:

Download Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer. It should show up in your steamapps\common directory. Go in and copy the bin folder.(folder itself and everything in it.)

Paste but do NOT merge it into your Steam\steamapps\common\SourceSDK\bin\ep1 folder.

Take the option to rename instead of merge. Name it something like binMODEL. At this point you could probly just point wallworm to that folder. If not, when you want to model go in and rename bin to something like binMAPPING and rename binMODEL to bin.

I tried just merging the bins but it ended up breaking sdk tools for me, so i couldn't map or use the model viewer. Which is why I plan on doing this name juggling to keep everything happy.

If you don't want to do the folder juggle, you could try just replacing studiomdl.exe and vtex.exe from your 2013 bin into your sdk bin. I haven't tried that but it was suggest by the wallworm fellow.