View Full Version : Autojoining Spectator team!

28th May 2014, 06:28
I just got this mod the other day and every time I join a server it automatically puts me on spectator. I choose my character, class and setup and it says I joined the other team so I wait for the round to end. When it does, however, it suddenly forces me to join spectator again! I haven't been able to play a single round!

28th May 2014, 07:22
make sure you're not joining a server with 10 players in total (including you) as by default there is no 10th player slot in the game. It was created for administrative/hltv purposes. Most public servers should have only 9 accessible slots.

28th May 2014, 07:28
No, that definitely isn't the case. It's somewhat infuriating.

29th May 2014, 02:53
I'm guessing this has happened on more than one server, right?