View Full Version : Trouble with sound

6th May 2014, 09:19
This issue happens with other source games but it happens rarely, like TF2, but on H:S, it happens ALL THE TIME

the sound suddenly dies and the console spams with "Couldn't get sound buffer status" and it dies untill i restart the game, occasionally it also kills my laptop's entire sound forcing a restart-fix. :mad:

ive seen some people saying "update your sound drivers" but i don't know how to find the correct ones, and im not even sure it will work. :confused:

i also don't know how to find my laptop's details and info so help on that would be nice too.

just got the game today and having major problems already.

Help would be very appreciated.


-Zan :D

EDIT: should mention, it usually dies after entering a server for the 2nd time, that includes new maps.

6th May 2014, 19:15
Go to your Start Menu > Run > dxdiag.exe and then click "Save All Information". Upload everything in that text file to Pastebin.
If you feel like you can do it yourself, the Sound tabs will tell you what sound device you are using. You can find the drivers through Google.