View Full Version : Setting up a linux srcds server for hidden - cannot get files from steam

3rd May 2014, 06:59
Hi there,

me and my friends have a dedicated linux server and we wanted to install The Hidden.

HOWEVER, valve SEEMS to have had the smart idea of "losing" the linux srcds server files, as far as we can tell it has been deleted from steam completely during the changeover from hldsupdate as indicated here http://steamdb.info/app/204/#section_history

so i was wondering if anyone with a linux server or who knows someone with a working linux server would be kind enough to upload those files somewhere we could access them, or if we are incorrect in our assumption that we cannot get these files from steam please point us in the right direction as to how we can setup an srcds server for the hidden on linux.

thanks in advance.

24th May 2014, 18:32
You can download the needed files for Windows and then upload them to your linux server and run it with Wine. Valve still hasn't released the updated SDK for Linux and I don't think they ever will. Using Wine with Ubuntu gave me a lot of trouble but Debian was fine. Just a warning, you need to have a desktop environment installed and you will have to use VNC to start the server. You cannot start the server in console mode.