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4th November 2013, 21:30

does anyone have smx plugin to get rid of teamkillers? I saw the mirror plugin but im searching for something which could automatically ban tk'ers or kick them.


5th November 2013, 00:56
I've never done any sort of coding for SM, but if I am not correct you should just be able to open up the plugin in notepad and look for the line that addresses console to kick the offending player. Just replace kick with ban and that should do it.

5th November 2013, 07:36
There are probably dozens of sourcemod plugins that already handle kicking and banning TKser automatically.

However, TKing is an odd one when it comes to TH:S. Any half-decent Hidden may actively try to make the IRIS kill each other, especially when they cluster together.

Proper automated TK prevention for this mod will be a but harder. With the plugins that do already exist, you will need to give a lot of leeway.

Sure you can lock down the first 10 seconds of the map so any TKs then or even TAs done then are dealt with very harshly, but after that to do it properly you'll need to check where the hidden is relative to the attacker and victim. If he's close enough to either of them or if the angle formed by lines drawn from attacker-to-victim and attacker-to-hidden is low enough then it's also valid. All while keeping in mind that the closer the hidden gets to the victim, the larger the angle can be.

None of the current generation of TK detection do the proximity & angle checks so this will be a problem.

5th November 2013, 07:57
I'm using Simple TK Manager by Lebson506th (http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=674008) for a while now, so victims can decide to punish thei killer with some basic stuff like slap, drug or burn. I disabled every other puishment option to avoid abuse. Also I'm autobanning for 12 hours if a player does two teamkills in one round and ban for longer manually in sourcebans when i see that someone got banned more than once by the system. Working great for months now and 90% of the players never get banned again after their first ban, so in my opinion it's a great success.
There might be some false positive bans but if people submit a unban request I check the logs and unban them rather quickly.


5th November 2013, 13:04
@Paegus This is 100% true but there has to be something to stop ppl from TK rampage.

@Phit Thanks.