View Full Version : Steam VALIDIATION REJECTED when i join any server please help!!!!!!

23rd October 2013, 21:15
recently I have been getting this error whenever trying to join a server, any server, except training on the hidden.

23rd October 2013, 21:38
I take it you have recently had your source sdk "updated"? You're not the only one with that issue but there is a fix:

Uploaded it again..

Link: http://bit.ly/17Yw3kn

Do not Update you're Source SDK Base 2006! Even if you get a Message to Format it new or update it!

Copy Paste ReadMe:

- First uninstall the Source SDK base 2006.
- Disable Automatic updates on the tool by scrolling over Library then go to tools.
- Right click on Source SDK Base 2006 and click on properties.
- Click on the second tab and disable the updates.
- Move the GCFs into your Steam Apps folder.
- Move the Source SDK Base into your account folder.
- Launch FF and let it fiddle. DO NOT let it convert the new format.
- You should be able to play now.

Feel free to check this whole thread (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?11784-Source-SDK-2006-Update) out.

23rd October 2013, 21:47
what is the FF and where do I find the gcf files
help please

24th October 2013, 00:18
FF is just the Game, that means start the Game (Hidden Source).
Gfc files are cache Files, you can find them in your downloaded Folder, under the ReadMe.

24th October 2013, 00:21
Go to Steam.
Library > Tools
Delete Source SDK Base 2006
Restart Steam as soon as you do so.

28th October 2013, 15:08
Is anyone else getting the Steam VALIDIATION REJECTED message at all. I started getting this today 28/10/13, was playing all day Sunday and it was fine.

28th October 2013, 15:26
I already told you get this fix.

22nd August 2014, 09:22
Me and my friends have encountered the same problem, however I (not sure about my friends) cannot turn off automatic updates for SDK 2006. How should I proceed?