View Full Version : No Main Menu appearing

8th October 2013, 02:58
Ok, so I can't find this problem in any of the other threads, but I was able to get the game to run once. I set my resolution to 1900x1200 for my monitor and started to play a tutorial. While in the menu for selecting my loadout (I was at weapon selection), I alt-tabbed and the game crashed.

Now, whenever I try to play, Hidden starts to load (I get one of two loading splash screens), but it stays there forever. On this screen, I have a cursor and if I mouse over where the menu should be, I get the little "schnick schnick" sounds as if the cursor is mousing over the menu items. If I click, I get the appropriate sound as well and it seems as if the program is navigating the menus, but I just can't see them.

I can run other source games (I did the stress test and got an average of 273 fps :P ). I rebooted Steam, same problem. My comp, same problem. Re-ran the installer, same problem. I tried running with "- autoconfig", same problem.

Any thoughts/ideas?

8th October 2013, 11:37
it's -autoconfig not - autoconfig