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7th October 2013, 00:59
Hey Everyone,

i recently installed Hl2 and Hl2: Lost Coast , after installing the game required me to install source SDK Base 2006, so i followed the request. After playing for a month or so i decided to play around with the settings going into the video area and changing the Anti-aliasing to maximum, this immediately closed my game and caused it to stop working. from there i have uninstalled and reinstalled all counterparts of the programing e.g. SDK, HL2 and Hidden, several times yet once i start it up the game will flash up for a split second then close. How do i fix this?

Thanks in Advance,

7th October 2013, 08:19
maybe try to install it in a different way...

Source SDK 2006 -> Hidden

7th October 2013, 12:12
Does this (steam://run/215/) run properly?

Yes: put -autoconfig in the Hidden's launch options.

No: Sorry, your Source SDK Base 2006 is broken and thus, so is any mod based on it... like this one :'(