View Full Version : Game stops working!!!!

30th September 2013, 10:03
ok i have played this game before. Then for some reason i stopped for a long time (every time iv ever played this game its been 4B) iv got all the needed stuff iv got half life (1-2 ep 1 ep 2) and counter strike and all the source sdk's. OK now ill tell you what happens i opened it it works great but when i want to join, host, or even play the tutorial it minimize and says hl2.exe has stopped working i just don't know what to do help

1st October 2013, 22:26
Is this you Dann?
Have you tried a reinstall, I red somewhere to tick 'open in window' tab or something in settings if this happens, ive just formatted my computer today, so I am in the process of DL SDK Base 2006, thats all I had to d/l last time to play. :D

Also try the suggestions in this post http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?11464-Cant-launch-the-game-HL2-exe-crash

10th October 2013, 07:15
no still not working :l