View Full Version : No one can join my server

29th September 2013, 13:54
Finally got back into the game. Updated everything to the 4B version.
Now no one is able to join my server.
When they try, they are given this error.

SteamGetEncryptedUserIDTicket failed (1)
reason-- SteamGetEncryptedUserIDTicket() failed with error 1: Unknown internal error occurred - AS command error

Everything was working perfect on the BETA3 version.

Could someone please let me know what this is and why it's occuring please

23rd October 2013, 11:23
Trying to set up my own server and have this exact problem as well. Anyone know a solution?

23rd October 2013, 16:04
Try to connect to different Servers..

Is your Server Toilet Head Man?

23rd October 2013, 19:02
Tell them to update Source SDK 2006.