View Full Version : Modding the Hidden Source?

23rd September 2013, 14:43
Just wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to have more than one hidden player present, seems like it should be fairly simple but I can't find it in any configs or anything.

23rd September 2013, 14:48
Try overrun maps.

23rd September 2013, 16:39
Ok I see that those allow multiple hiddens, but what about player limit? Is it still limited to ten overall? Or can you have 9 IRIS ops and 3 or 4 hidden players? Or is it possible to mod to allow multiple people to be the same IRIS op? I have a large group that wishes to play this game, way more than 10.

23rd September 2013, 18:35
The current player limit is hard coded at nine. The 10th server slot was for sourcetv or admin/reservation access. Having a 10th player will cause excessive client crashing as there's no 10th player head.

It is possible to alter the number of hiddens via the sourcemod addon but you'll need to completely manage the teams via the addon AND suffer an additional loss for the bot that will need to be hidden every round since the game tracks things independantly from just "this team died"