View Full Version : hl2.exe crashes in most servers

19th September 2013, 18:23
Hello everyone,
My game crashes in alot of servers after it being loaded to the screen where you have to press 'ok'. The only servers i can currently play is nl creative hosting, most/all other servers crashes:( please help. Also i have not been able to play the tutorial cause that also crashes hl2.exe (I don't really care about that but i do want to play online on different servers). My friend has the same problem, so im not the only one :( . If there was already a thread like this than im sorry to bother you but i couldn't find it.
thanks in advance.

20th September 2013, 18:53
Have you've tried reinstalling?

21st September 2013, 11:13
Yeah, i've reinstalled it multiple times, that includes source sdk base 2006

22nd September 2013, 17:27
Can you run through the entire Source SDK Demo? If you can, have you've tried reinstalling Hidden using the Server Zip?