View Full Version : Hidden Dedicated Problemos

17th September 2013, 21:26
I followed the instructions to make a Hidden: Source dedicated server, and at first everything worked, but then I wanted to move stuff.
It still worked, that I could see, but yesterday I was making a CSS server and it asked me to update it, and then it would be set as LAN. I changed my internet settings so that 27020 would also port forward, and then my server worked.
Aaand now my Hidden Dedicated isn't working..

There are two errors that I think could be causing this
gameserver.cpp (764) : Assertion Failed: m_CMInterface.GetLogonState()== k_ELogonStateNotLoggedOn
Asseert( Assertion Failed: m_CMInterace.GetLogonState() == k_ELogonStateNotLoggedOn ):gameserver.cpp:764

Anyhow, it is working, but it acts like a Lan, while before it was actually online