View Full Version : MSS DLL Problem/Game crashes at launch

16th September 2013, 12:29
Hello chaps!

I seem to be unable to start The Hidden. Once the window pops up it crashes instantly and says the following:

"The MSS DLL file is installed in the Windows or Windows system directory - it must be installed in the application directory."

As I have understood it's meaning the Mss32.dll file. Thing is, I DON'T have that file in my windows directory, I have only found it in other steam games:confused:

Soo.. what should I do?:p

16th September 2013, 15:02
what happens when you run this (steam://run/215)?

16th September 2013, 15:50
It starts up the valve intro but then it goes black and crashes :p whit the same error message