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14th September 2013, 15:44
I got a report from a friend yesterday about it, so i checked various serverlogs and found proof.
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66049708
Known Nicknames: "Lady of the Underworld", "Arcane"
Screen of her Stats (take a look at the PVP part at the bottom) (http://i.imgur.com/siZOd5m.jpg)
Unfiltered logs on request via private message since they contain player IP's

My english is not the best, so here a little explanation from a friend:

Whilst being in the same server with "Lady of the Underworld" it was noted that the player seemed to be receiving help from another player in the server, for example when the other player became the hidden they would go straight to Lady, turn visible and allow Lady to kill them. It seemed like they were ghosting in order to boost scores.
Upon further inspection I checked the player's stats page and noticed other inconsistencies. The main one being the amount of physics kills that Lady had. I have played with Lady for over 2 months now on a regular basis and never once have I been phys-killed nor have I seen Lady use objects to throw at fellow players. The player had a similar number of kills with physics objects to kills with the FN2000. As said before, I have never seen any phys-kills from the player and the stats do not truly reflect Lady's actual gameplay skills as I have witnessed them.

I need to add physkills give the highest score of 25points, that's probably the reason "Lady of the Underworld" used that for boosting.
Her main helper:

STEAM_0:0:66049708 got already banned on various sourcebans records including the community banpage and mitch was kind enough to ban the player from the stats page.
In my opinion we don't need players like this in our community and I hope this was the first and last time I need to make a post like this, so please ban "Lady of the Underworld" if you haven't already!

14th September 2013, 16:32
You do realise that whenever a system that tracks statistics is implemented you will invite this kind of behaviour right? Now not to say that you didn't do a good job posting about this but the fact remains that the second someone revived the stats page there are going to be individuals who want nothing but to increase their e-peen so they have something to brag about. And this is why at this point in time i am more on the "let's not do stats tracking and just let actions speak for themselves rather then some arbitrary (farmable) numbers" side.