View Full Version : Game launches once then hl2.exe crash due to sound

10th September 2013, 16:38
I installed Hidden and on the first run it works perfectly. Graphics, sound, multiplayer,.. all work fine.
Then after I close it and try to boot it up a second time I get the hl2.exe crash message due to some error in the games sound, I know this because the game only launches when I put -nosound in the startup settings.
I tried -autoconfig and all other options but the game only starts when I turn sound off with -nosound. Is there any other solutioni so that I can play with sound? Cause playing without sound takes away half of the gaming experience and it gives me a huge disadvantage.
I've also done multiple uninstalls for the hidden and source SDK 2006 (on which I can run the video stresstest) and then the game will work only once.

10th September 2013, 18:53
Have you've tried installing from the server zip?