View Full Version : Get your shit together

6th September 2013, 23:58
No idea if this is the place to put it, but here goes:
Getting teamkilled isn't fun at the beginning of every single round. There are loads of servers with anti-teamkilling functions that do not work, or do very little, basically giving teamkillers the ability to screw up every round with no downsides for them. I have seen only one server where the teamkillers actually get kicked/banned! I have yet to see an admin actually playing on a server. It's seriously not fun to try and "teamkill the teamkillers before they teamkill us" so we could play normally and have fun. Is there a way for you server admins to fix your shit or is it too much to ask for a lowly player such as myself?

7th September 2013, 03:59
Well, being an asshole to the owner won't fix anything, and neither will thinking that someone knows what server you are talking about. Also, you cannot blame a server admin for the actions of a player, if you want a server to meet your requirements, make your own or join a different one. Not every server is full of teamkillers.

Servers are owned by several different individuals who may have no correlation with the forums, and many probably don't play that often; find better servers, the ones I play on tend to have admins on often, or people are at least kicked and banned after a certain amount of attacks. You say you are being killed every round. To prevent this (only works for one person doing it) don't activate a punishment for them until the next round. They will be stuck with whatever you did, and will be more discouraged to attack teammates because they will have a negative affect upon them.