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4th September 2013, 10:25
Hey guys,

I'm looking into doing some changes to how the rank/score system currently operates, and am looking for input into how we should go about it.

As it is, I'm looking into doing a reset of the global leaderboard sometime in the near future to give everyone a fresh start. This will only be a reset of the global counters, and not detailed stats (Basically any stat that can be seen from this page (http://stats.bitswit.ch/leaderboard/) - except for Round/Time played - will be reset back to 0). Global counters such as total kills/deaths/suicides/etc... will be kept, but won't be used for the leaderboard list.

Secondly, do we want to do something along the lines of having it so the global leaderboard resets periodically so that we don't end up with the global leaderboard being a "who has played The Hidden the longest" list? I'm thinking that we should reset the leaderboard every 3-months, and award the players who end up in the top 50 or so with a badge on their profile page.

And the last issue is what do we do with per-server leaderboards? My thought is to make this a per server-admin decision, as it's ultimately up to them to decide if they want to do with their leaderboards (It's not really a decision that other admins should be making for them).

If anyone has any feedback or a better idea as to how we can handle this, leave a comment below.

4th September 2013, 18:16
I'd suggest giving the leader-boards points an expiration date of so many months instead of a system-wide hard reset. That encourages work to maintain it instead of the points up and disappearing and having to start from scratch. New players can make their way up as older player drop off eventually.