View Full Version : STEAM_0:0:58296389 Blatant wallhacking/material hack

1st September 2013, 18:42
Yeah here we go again, been a while since i made a thread like this.

Player: Incest Inc.
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58296389

Caught this guy blatantly cheating on some server, forgot the name. Going around being a dick, making everyone think he's such a badass in the process...well he's not. (You're not, hmkay). Entering his steam id in google already shows a few websites where he got banned.

Pretty long demo can be downloaded here. (http://www.gamefront.com/files/23663158/Cheater-Incest.rar) It's slightly amusing, if only for the fact i'm trying to do physics with 150 ping and fail horribly. Anyway proof is here, so if you want to verify just download it and watch it via the game.


1st September 2013, 19:38
Banned him on the community sourcebans website.

1st September 2013, 21:49
banned him on europepublic's sourcebans list (http://hidden.universaldings.de/sourcebans/), thanks for the report!

6th September 2013, 20:42
Good thing this is still beeing done. The banning, i mean.
Saw some wallhacker getting banned by a script a few days ago, detecting a certain c_var :) Another good thing more servers are protecting themselves this way.

6th September 2013, 21:04
It's hilarious when they protest the automatic bans for that.