View Full Version : server running off wrong ip

30th August 2013, 14:23
hey, im trying to set up a hidden server but it always runs off my localhost ip.

i want it to run off my public ip not the local one. how do i change this, ive tried the console and everything!

30th August 2013, 16:28
Your computer doesn't know about your internet IP address, only it's own and you can't bind anything on your computer to an address not owned by a network interface in said computer.

Your internet IP belongs to your router.

You'll need to set your router to forward port 27015 to your computer's internal ip address.

Have more than just a cursory glance at http://portforward.com/ for details on forwarding ports.

Keep the following in mind that:
-Unless your router is awesome...
...YOU will probably not be able to connect to your server using your internet connection address. When you refresh the steam browser you probably wont see your server.
...you will need to set your computer's local IP manually because port forwarding to a dynamically assigned ip address is silly.

-If your ISP isn't god-like then people connecting to your server will experience massive lag attacks

-http://www.portforward.com is your friend... so is google (https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=source+dedicated+server+behind+router)