View Full Version : Server Commands / Cvar List

20th August 2013, 19:07
Is there any way I can view all of the cvars without typing "cvarlist" in the console? And is there any way I can make myself an Administrator in the server, or do I have to make a script for that? Thank you for your time. :)

- xXSilentYoshiXx

21st August 2013, 08:21
There are some relevant convars here (http://forum.hidden-source.com/showthread.php?9679-Windows-amp-Linux-Server-Guide&p=135838#post135838) but it's not a complete list... that would be pointless

the quickest way to be admn is to set and rcon_password but administrating with rcon only is a pain... 3rd party addons like sourcemod will make administration a breeze... assuming you can figure out how to install it.

there's a step by step guide at sourcemod site