View Full Version : Issues with lag out of nowhere.

15th August 2013, 19:27
So i never thought i'd be posting in here considering HS worked fine for me since forever, but recently now that i got a new rig things have been a bit on the down side. Every time i play i encounter this off putting lag that seemingly comes from nowhere. Checked other games, and it seems to only originate in HS for now. (my source-based game list isn't excactly huge so my test pool wasn't large)

Recently i've been getting this error message: Buffer overflow in net message. Wich i get everytime the game disconnects me from a server.

Also most of the time the lag spikes during physics heavy related issues, be it a ragdoll(s) or simply a large stack of props getting moved about by either me or other causes. This tends to freeze my game up for a second and then continues, freezes, continues etcetera until the physics stop.

Hopefully anyone of you knows what's up since this is getting pretty annoying to the point of me simply not wanting to play anymore since i know i won't be able to participate like any regular player due to the game simply not responding. Thanks in advance!

-Problem solved-

15th August 2013, 21:37
Hello Digit*!

I found a thread on this topic. (http://www.steamgamers.com/forum/off-topic/11291-buffer-overflow.html) I've never had this problem and really don't have a way to really test a solution, so unless someone else can chime in who has had experience or knows the solution I wish you the best of luck.

16th August 2013, 07:43
What connection type is set in steam? I recall a reinstall where I accidentally set it to dial up speeds... Though that was ages ago

16th August 2013, 13:56
Issue resolved thanks to thread that ado linked. Turned out a few things were defaulted to extremely low settings, main purpetrator being Rate wich was like 3500. Janked that up to 30000 and presto, now everything is running smoothly again without any hiccups.

Thanks for your time people, atleast now i can play normally again.