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14th August 2013, 18:02
Hellowz everyone,

So, I have this problem with my The Hidden, that when 2 people talk at the same time I become laggy.. when 3 people talk at the same time, I am being crashed from the server. Now, I first thought it was probs just my PC, it being bad and all.. But when I play TTT, there are many people talking at the same time. As some of you may know, can be 5 people.. and that does not lag me/crash me.

Now I have had this problem ever since I started playing the game, at first it didnt bother me so much... but now I am wondering if there might be a fix for this problem.. :confused:

Thanks in advance!

Greetings, Sprainy. :cool:

Ps. Yes, when I mute people.. the problem is gone, I know xD but sometimes I do like listening to people rant :p

14th August 2013, 21:20
What is TTT?

H:S doesnt mess with the vox stuff... so... does it happen in any other source sdk 2006 based mods? NeoTokyo being the only one i can think of.

15th August 2013, 20:13
TTT = Trouble in Terrorist Town. Garry's mod.

And I would not be able to answer that, The Hidden is the only sdk 2006 mod that I play.

15th August 2013, 21:20
You may want to download NeoTokyo and test it out. The only fixes I can recommend are

A: Reinstall and revalidate Source SDK 2006

B: Reinstall Hidden and restart your computer

C: Contact Steam

D: Turn off in game voice.

You may be able to find a fix for it if you mess around with the in game voice settings through console, but you would have to find a list of commands to use and I can't guarantee it will work at all.