View Full Version : SDK 2006 not available for linux x64

9th August 2013, 06:18
Sup, would "source sdk base 2006" need to be installed for the mod to work or, can the "source sdk base 2013 singleplayer" be installed instead? Currently I am installing sdk 2013 and waiting to see what happens. If this shit doesnt work ill edit this post.
My system is amd_64 btw

9th August 2013, 07:34
You need Source SDK 2006

9th August 2013, 15:13
Well i installed sdk 2013 and it didnt work. I guess theres no alternative method for installing sdk 2006 for linux. is there?

10th August 2013, 03:37
It's the same as with Windows. You need Source SDK 2006, which is now free since TF2 became F2P.

10th August 2013, 05:41
Valve needs to re-build the source sdk base 2006 for linux for it to work.

Don't hold your breath.

13th August 2013, 03:22
Well then, I guess this mod does not work for linux even though it gives players an option to download for windows or linux. This is confusing:confused:. Guess I'll look for other mods to use.

Untill the day I reinstall windows,

14th August 2013, 21:15
There is a dedicated server package which for both... so where are these two versiins posted?