View Full Version : Hidden Source wont start (both Source SDK 2006 an 2007 are installed)

6th August 2013, 09:51
Hi Forum.

Yesterday i downloaded The Hidden-Source from your website.
I installed it and offcourse i allready had Half-Life 2 Installed and SDK 2006 and 2007.
But still if i press play in steam on Hidden: Source Beta 4b nothing happens not even an error.
My name is just green for a little while saying i am playing it, but after 20 seconds it just returns too normal and nothing happens.

I reinstalled it and all the other stuff too, i also started steam as administrator. But nothing seems to work.

Any fixes or people having the same thing?

7th August 2013, 07:05
click me (steam://run/215) and play the video stress test.
If neither work, please contact steam support or switch to 32bit windows.