View Full Version : "Steam Validation Rejected" when trying to join a server.

5th August 2013, 15:27
Hi guys,

downloaded the mod yesterday and installed it using Source SDK Base 2006, I don't have HL2 itself, as is suggested, but I was under the impression that SDK 2006 should work fine. I can load it up and play the tutorials, but when I try to join a server, it says it cannot access the master server. When I try to access a server directly through the IP address, I get the "Steam Validation Rejected" error.

I've tried various suggestions such as deleting the client.blob file, validating SDK 2006, restaring and reinstalling steam but it's had no effect. Is it just down to the fact I don't have the full version of Half-Life 2? Because my friend also installed it yesterday and isn't having the same problem, just wondering if anyone else knows the reason for this.

Any help will be appreciated, and I do plan on getting Half-Life 2, just waiting until I can get it at a good price.

14th August 2013, 21:54
I have the same problem... :(

15th August 2013, 07:48
This, and infact most mods, do not alter the steam client authentication stuff. Unfortunately this will be a valve issue so you'll probably need to ask at the steam forums or submit a ticket at steam's support site.