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4th August 2013, 07:10
I installed H:S for the first time a couple of days ago, and when I went to the server browser, I got this: 916

I've pretty much been getting this error consistently since I installed and re-installed H:S, and even when I deleted every steam file save for my steamapps and steam.exe files. I've even tried connecting through this website: http://www.game-monitor.com/GameSearch/hidden2/Hidden__Source.html and when I do that I get a "Steam validation rejected" message. Yes, I have Source SDK base, 2006, and 2007, all of the HL2 games, including HL:DM, CS:S, TF2, etc.

What exactly is causing this issue? I've seen other threads about this problem, but they either had a way of fixing themselves without a clue as to how, the user with the issue didn't care to say how they fixed it, or the thread mysteriously became inactive halfway through.

UPDATE: Now i'm also getting the filesystem error.

8th August 2013, 06:41
A liiiiitle help would be nice.

8th August 2013, 15:29
The server-less server list is a known issue with steam. It randomly appears and disappears for no apparently reason.

I'm not sure what the Validation error is about but if a clientregistry.blob deletion doesn't resolve it, contact steam support.

What's this "filesystem error" you speak of?

11th August 2013, 08:36
Well I managed to fix that particular error message, but it was the one where it says "Unable to load c:\program files(x86)...\source sdk base\bin\filesystem_steam.dll" From what I can tell, that seems to be a very finicky bug, and just the slightest tweak to a steam folder can either make or break it.

UPDATE: FAAAAACCCKKKK!!! It's not fixed, it's doing it again!