View Full Version : Downloaded, can't play

23rd July 2013, 15:56
The game shows up in my steam library, but when I click it nothing happens.

I'm a new player, any suggestions?

25th July 2013, 20:56
Do you have Source SDK and Source SDK Base 2006/2007? If not then you need them.

Log into Steam, in the drop-down menu "Tools" is near the bottom. Scroll down to where Source SDK etc are and double click to download them.

26th July 2013, 14:24
You must be able to run the source sdk base 2006 (steam://run/215) and play through the included video stress test.

If you can't launch it or play it then we can't help you i'm afraid. You'll need to post a steam support ticket regarding the sdk base 2006.