View Full Version : game needs 1 more player help

12th July 2013, 11:09

I've made a dedicated server to play the hidden with my friend..
When we both are ingame, the game says it needs 1 more player before the round to start..
how to adjust this so we can play with 2 players ?

Thanks in advance, Stanley.

12th July 2013, 11:53
You only need 2 players to play The Hidden. Are you sure you both are in the same server with your characters chosen? Make sure someone isn't going spectator or hasn't completed character selection.

12th July 2013, 12:20
My friend and I had completed the selection and we weren't spectating.
When I have chosen a character, and waiting for the game to start it's saying the game needs 2 more players to start,so he thinks the game needs a minimum total of 3 players. But I want to adjust this to 2 players, it's possible but I don't know how :(

13th July 2013, 13:48
This is quite odd, and you both are in the same server? Have you added any plugins to your dedicated server? Or is it just vanilla?

14th July 2013, 19:25
Protip: Make sure you're using the maps with a prefix of hdn_ instead of ovr_. Since overrun maps need 3 players to start and hdn only needs 2, if this doesn't fix the issue there's something quite wrong going on.