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20th June 2013, 12:42
I was curious; have the developers attempted to connect with an already established studio? So I added a question onto an email I was sending to Tripwire Interactive; which included me asking if the studio would be willing to turn another mod into a full title, I mentioned Hidden: Source as an example.

The response I received, essentially was yes, but that they would need to talk to one of the developers.
Would this be a good direction to go?


20th June 2013, 22:47
Having the Hidden: Source as a stand alone title would be an amazing thing, but what I don't want to happen is for another company to get hold on the game and steer it away from what it was originally planed to be.

The Hidden is good the way it is, if Tripwire Interactive was able to work with the Hidden: Source Devs and work something out so that the Devs could get some more help so that the updates could be released more frequently and take a lot of pressure off of them it would be nice, I personally cannot WAIT until the next update of Hidden :).