View Full Version : Hidden loading Screen Shows up Then HL2.exe has stopped working??

17th June 2013, 08:52
So I've installed it multiple times have tried all SDKs they work fine but still the game comes up to the loading screen and crashes any help? I've looked at the event viewer and it appears to be a faulting module client.dll How do i fix that if that's it?

17th June 2013, 15:49
add -autoconfig to the mod's launch options, launch once, then remove it.

17th June 2013, 22:03
Why is this hl2.exe stopped working such a common problem, and why does it only happen to some of us?
is there not a way we can just run the hidden source using sdk 2007 or is the mod only coded to be compatible with 2006.
surely 2007 has the same resources as 2006

18th June 2013, 07:21
2007 is not backward compatible.

As to why it's crashing... some wacky crap with Windows Vista/7 64bit as far as I'm aware. Personally I've used both of those and never had a problem that reinstalling the game data didn't fix.