View Full Version : Running the hidden

10th June 2013, 20:06
Is it possible to run the hidden without using steam? I have the CD version and I really dislike the steam app...
I searched for a thread like this but i haven't found anything.

10th June 2013, 20:08
My guess is no, because it has to connect to your steam account when using VAC and master servers, so you'd have to be logged in on steam.
it also has to use steam to launch source sdk 2006 that runs the game

10th June 2013, 20:20
K thanks for fast response xD
Meh I'll just be honest, I downloaded a torrent of hf2 since I don't wanna buy the whole game just to play this mod(cos that's the only thing i like in this game[and I don't even know if i will like playing this mod])and since I can't play without steam...
Inb4"YOU FUCKING PIRATE BUY THE GAME blahblahblah", i buy games only after I play the pirates and like them, I don't like wasting money, so shut up.

11th June 2013, 22:34
I'm curious of this "CD version," could you elaborate more on that?

12th June 2013, 06:27
Someone needs to keep up. You don't need to buy hl2 to play hidden. You ONLY need access to the source sdk base 2006 (steam://install/215)...