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9th June 2013, 21:44
is it possible to set hdn_spec for all players? quick question

10th June 2013, 09:08
Plugin's comment section (http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=78950) says...

Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

/* Hidden:SourceMod - Hidden Spectator
* Description:
* Allows admins to spectate Hidden players.
* Variables:
* hsm_hdnspec_access [char] : Admin access requirement string. c: Kick, d: Ban, etc. Default: c.
* Commands:
* spec_next : Cycles to next observable player, including hiddens if you have access.
* spec_prev : Cycles to previous observable player, including hiddens if you have access.
* Changelog:
* v1.1.4
* Fixed empty hsm_hdnspec_access variable not allowing anyone to spectate hidden, instead of everyone.
* v1.1.3
* Fixed IsPlayerAlive() spam in OnGameFrame() updates. Sorry Darkhand.
* v1.1.2
* Added admin access flag. Follows SourceMod access flags.
* Left tracer attached to Hiddens until the round ends. Hopefully avoiding some odd client-crashes?
* v1.1.1
* Fixed not rendering IRIS sometimes.
* Fixed no-tracked on some maps
* v1.1.0
* Integrated Hidden spectating into normal spec_next/prev cycling.
* Added support for multiple hiddens.
* Removed external file dependancies.
* v1.0.2
* View automatically shifts to spec camera style to minimise chances of not seeing 'self'
* View now shifts to attackers on hidden's death. spec cam if suicide.
* v1.0.1
* Is now a functional plugin.
* v1.0.0
* Initial release
* v1.0.1
* Version cvar is hsm_hsnspec_version instead of hsm_hdnspec_version. Not gonna change it for a while :/
* Contact:
* Paegus: paegus@gmail.com
* SourceMod: http://www.sourcemod.net
* Hidden:Source: http://www.hidden-source.com
*/Note: this plugin has issues and currently is only for novelty's sake. However unlikely it may crash your client and/or server.
...so I'm thinking yes.