View Full Version : Decompiling/Recompiling Causing Weird Head Glitch

24th May 2013, 04:04
I have a weird issue where if I decompile the IRIS with MDL Decompiler Fixed and Recompile with GUIStudioMDL It makes the heads of the IRIS all clump together on one single character, my reason for decompiling and recompiling is I wanted to change Klaus Grubbers head to be Ghost Riders head The name tag, name in character menu, face picture, and character info are already changed to be correct, but this one glitch is making it very hard to do so.

Any help would be great, I say it might be an issue with the .QC but it also might be an issue with the Decompiler.


24th May 2013, 05:28
Some weird thing with skins, I learned more about it in GMod

24th May 2013, 13:15
I remember seeing your thread about the 4 hidden skins, I knew about them but I never could figure out what they were used for until Ging said it was for Overrun, they are used in Origin, the Hidden in the test tubes have them on.

Issue Resolved the decompiler screwed up the QC, luckily someone on gmod13banana had a fix for it, I'll be releasing the files here on the forum if anyone is interested.