View Full Version : The Hidden: Source installer skips all files, help?!??!

17th May 2013, 15:07

I have recently tried to re install The Hidden using the installer provided on the website by ModDB, when I run the installer it skips all the files and then says at the bottom "Output Folder:" I have also checked /steamapps/sourcemods and no folder was created, I use Windows 7 and I have ran the installer as administrator. I then downloaded the zip folder for the server files and put them in the /steamapps/sourcemods folder but nothing works, ive unblocked the file as it came from another computer. I have installed the nescessary SDK's (2006+07) and I also have team fortress 2 which works as I play it, my computer can support it as I have over 200gb of space and 2.5ghz processor, I have played this game before on my computer but I had to reformat it and now The Hidden wont work, any suggestions? Ive removed the SDK's and tried to reinstall them but nothing works, ive added the installer to steam and ran it but it wont work, i run the installer while steam is closed but nothing -.-

Please help please!!!! :(:(:(:(