View Full Version : How do I change soundcard?/Audio issue

16th May 2013, 13:08
I have this problem both on Hidden: Source and CS:GO:
I'm forced to use an external audio card because my built-in one is broken, the problem is that i can't select the sound card from Hidden's option, leaving me without audio.
Is there a way to launch Hidden with another audio card?
I tried to find in google, with no results..

16th May 2013, 18:46
That's not something that's usually handled by the game.

https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=set+default+sound+output+device+windows says

Vista, 7 & 8:
Right click on white speaker icon in system tray (bottom right)
Select Playback devices
Right-click on desired output card
Select Set as default device
Hit OK/Apply
Restart any applications that use sound.

Windows XP:
Open control panel
Look for Sound, speech, etc
Look for Sound and audio devices.
Goto Audio tab
Select default device as desired
Press OK/Apply
Restart any applications that use audio.