View Full Version : Game won't start with Source SDK/2006/2007 installed

6th May 2013, 04:38
This is actually my friend's problem. Everything works fine for me. I already had HL2 in my library. My friend downloaded TF2 because it was free and it was said many places that the Hidden would work with TF2 in your library. He then installed Source SDK, 2006, and 2007, but The Hidden still will not start. He gets some kind of error message I forget exactly what it reads. Anyways, what's weird is that TF2 runs flawlessly at 1280x720 on his computer, so I know that's not the problem. I really want it to work for him, because this game isn't really that fun without friends. Please help!

6th May 2013, 07:27
Having the source sdk base 2006 installed is great and all, but can you play the included tech demo?

7th May 2013, 02:25
what is the tech demo? I have the game and I haven't seen that