View Full Version : hideden instaler does not make a folder in C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\Sourcemods

4th May 2013, 00:05
i current have a windos vista home premium operatin system. i have download team fortress 2 and half life 2 demo on steam. i also have dowloded sdk, sdk base 2006 and sdk base 2007. every time i run the installer it skippes every step in the instlation process.

example of the beggining
( output folder:
output folder:/hidden
skipped: demoheader.tmp
skipped: detail.vbsp)

after it finishes i restart steam and it is not in the libary.
so i looked in C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods
the hidden folder is not there.

why is the instaler not working?
please help

4th May 2013, 05:27
You are saying it is not installing anything at all? Have you've tried running the installer as administrator?

4th May 2013, 11:51
yes i have run the installer as an administrator. as far as i can tell the installer installs nothing at all. could the installer be putting to files in the wrong folder?

also my operating system is 32bit

4th May 2013, 20:46
Try downloading the installer again. I personally use the ModDB link. Have you've restarted Steam after installing, even if the folders aren't there? If you would like to see if the folder is being installed in an incorrect area, search your computer for "Hidden" (minus quotes)

5th May 2013, 02:16
i download the installer from the link you suggested and ran the installer again.

after the installer finished a window pops up Called " program compatibility assistant" it has 2 options "the program is installed correctly" or "re install using recommended" settings"

i first clicked "the program is installed correctly" the window closed.

i then restarted steam to find that the hidden game was not in the library. i then searched all of c:/ (the only hard drive for the computer). i could not find the "hidden"(game) folder.

i then looked threw every folder on the hard drive(including the folders on the drive that are ("hidden" NOT THE GAME)) one at a time in a last attempt to find the folder.

after giving up looking i ran the installer for a second time but i clicked "re install using recommended settings"
the window closed

i then restarted steam for a second time, the hidden game was not in the library.

i then look threw the entire hard drive folder by folder again.
i could not find the hidden game folder.

5th May 2013, 02:20

7th May 2013, 21:22
i still can not get the instaler to work. i need some help.

7th May 2013, 23:49
What OS are you using? Do you have enough hard drive space to install Hidden?

8th May 2013, 01:32
i ran the installer off a 32 gig flash drive and installed the game to the harddrive. is still dont know what the problem was but i am playing the hidden now.

i am running window vista home premuim 32 bit and i have 70 gig Bytes avalibale on my harddrive.

thanks for the help on forum.