View Full Version : Crashes at "Receiving Server Info" and Hl2.exe stops responding.

26th April 2013, 02:42
When I try to play The Hidden, whether I launch the tutorial or join a server, once it gets to the "Receiving server info" part, the game crashes and gives me a "Hl2.exe has stopped responding error". All other source games including the Half life 2 itself work fine. I've tried reinstalling the hidden, reinstalling Half Life, defragging, -dxlevel81 command, and none of that work. Any help is appreciated/

26th April 2013, 10:15
Please completely remove and reinstall the Source SDK Base 2006 'tool'
Once reinstalled please launch and watch the Source SDK Base 2006 demo
Then install hidden from the server package available on the main download site.
Restart steam completely